There Is No Space For Us!

Meille Ei Ole Tilaa
Time and place: 10.10. 2013 Tampere, Railway Station.
Realization: 13Kuvat

There Is No Space For Us! (Meille Ei Ole Tilaa!)

The company which owns the Tampere university of applied sciences decided to terminate the fine arts study program. As usually happens in politics, the decision was made behind closed doors, and was supposed to be realized slowly and silently. It is absurd that Finland´s second largest city is willing to terminate the education of fine arts, placing no value in art and culture. No matter how staggering the decision of termination was, the local media didn´t even raise an eye-brow. (Needless to say that the local newspaper Aamulehti strongly and openly identifies with right wing politics.)

When our first semester started, it was unclear if we would even able to finish our education in Tampere. The atmosphere towards fine artists and especially art students seemed dismissive and rejecting, as if there was no space for us. As a descriptive statement of the situation, our group decided to organize a performance where we were life drawing in the middle of the afternoon rush at the Tampere railway station.

(Photo above: Riina Vilén)

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