We live in a cultural environment that is bursting and overflowing with all kinds of visual stimulation. In this context it is relevant to question if there is a social need for more visual material? I pursue to find alternatives to numbing visual stimulation in my work.

In the middle of the visual overflow of todays society it is easy to oversight the fact that there is actually a shortage of visual material that encourages you to think and break free from the role of a silent but active consumer. Art plays a huge role in agitating conversations and keeping relevant issues in plate in social discourse. Art can be something that wakes us up from the catatonic state, encouraging us to use our brains for our own thoughts and emotions. This makes art something more than just visual stimulation polluting the screens of computers and billboards.

For me, art is the most natural channel to contribute and operate in society, societal discourse and take actively part in the conversations related to existence and social issues. I work with different methods and medias, but the themes often repeat. I get inspiration to express myself from the conversations and thoughts about consumerism and the side effects of the capitalistic economic system. Consequently my artwork comments the aroused questions and themes that are present in everyday life. The humor in art makes the serious themes more approachable.

In my personal artistic work I aim for clear entities and art pieces which substances are easy to read from the visual impact.


(Photo above: Jade Vesto)