Uusien reseptien vuosi 2019 / Varas Biebmorávvagiid Jahki 2019.
A bi-lingual vegan cookbook calendar for the year 2019. Edition of 300 (first 169 numbered).

Illustrations & Lay-Out: Arsi Keva
Recipes: Anna Kuutsa
North-Samí translations: Helga West

Published with the support of TAIKE, in late 2018.



Runoja ja Leivontaa fitnessin tilalle

Self-published cookbook with 60 vegan recipes and colored illustrations.

Illustrations and lay-out: Arsi Keva
Recipes: Anna Kuutsa

Published in 2015.

1 edition 50 copies
2nd edition 50 copies
3rd edition 100 copies
4th edition 150 copies

Jari Aarnio zine 2015. (Edition of approx. 250 copies.)
Suosikki zine, 2015. In collaboration with Kaija Papu. Four editions, 350 copies in total.